Your Living Green Recycling Fund Raising….

Your Living Green Recycling Fund Raising….

Fund Raising that Works!

For non-profit organizations, Living Green recycling has an awesome NEW PROGRAM that allows all businesses to act as your Charitable Business Partner when doing business with us.  It is simple, and you can enlist as many businesses as will support your cause to participate.  Once set up as a charitable partner to your organization, any business that wants to contribute to your organization merely contacts us when they are in need of electronics recycling and/or data destruction.  Once the recycling/data destruction is completed,  a percentage of the proceeds from the recycling are sent to your organization.  The only condition is that they are in Orange County and the pick-up value is at least $100, or they can be in a neighboring county, with pick up value at least $500.

This method can provide you an ongoing income to your organization and you are not limited to how many businesses you can enlist as charitable partners to help you raise funds.  It is also a low intensity effort on your part because it generally only requires a talk with business owners to get them on board and all businesses will have electronics recycling/data destruction needs, that’s just part of being in business.  The other good part of this method is that there are no out of pocket costs and no wasted time.  Events are unpredictable, this method is not; you know who are your participants and can build a solid base of contributing partners without the guesswork that is the nature of events.

Living Green Recycling reserves the right to approve all organizations and charitable business partners before approval into the program.


The second method requires establishing a drop spot for collection of unwanted electronics.  An enclosed location that is manned and allows drop offs during set times is established for anyone who wishes to bring by their unwanted electronics.  We use this method with good success at several locations, you just have to have the space and people to be there to accept drop offs when the drop spot is open.  For example,  you set up a secure location and have someone available when a person comes in to drop items off.  The person manning the drop off location can be doing other things at the same time as long as the drop off participant can contact them to accept the drop off.  We advertise these locations to help promote them and this benefits your organization’s income from the drop spot.  with a percentage of the proceeds going to your organization.

Events will still be done, but will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  In an effort to maximize fund raising for our charitable partners, we have analyzed the best possible methods to help you fund raise and with these long term, high participation methods laid out here, we feel your best choices lie within the new programs described.

When you are ready to get serious about  raising funds for your organization on a continual basis, contact us and we will get started.  Please fill go to the Comment Form page to do so.


Click Here to find out more! We are serious about your Hard Drive Data Security!  Not all hard drives are alike, nor is the sensitivity of the data stored on hard drives the same.  Therefore, Living Green Recycling  offers Complete Hard Drive Data Destruction Plans to suit all types of needs, from DOD-3 level erasure to complete onsite destruction of your hard drives.

Your Corporate Electronics Recycling, taken to a whole new level!

Living Green Recycling provides the most comprehensive and inclusive Corporate Electronics Recycling services  for businesses, organizations and municipalities, today! Every type of electronic and battery powered device, all peripherals, even batteries and NOW we offer recycling for Fluorescent lights too!  Add to this our Secure Data Destruction service, provided at no cost to all of our clients !  You will not find another company that provides such a thorough ALL-IN-ONE Service Package like ours,  saving your company money, time and resources.

Contact us today to schedule your recycling pick up; most collection pick ups are FREE, some conditions apply.  All of our electronics recycling services provide Secure Data Destruction on all electronic media storage devices, (ex:  .computers, servers, laptops, hard drives, tablets, smart phones and copiers), at no charge.

We are currently upgrading our web site design!

Look for NEW and improved services from Corporate Recycling Services to NEW and improved Fund Raising Methods.  A NEW website to better serve you,, will soon be added for our Data Destruction clients.  A NEW and better contact page will also be added for your convenience.

All this to better serve our clients in the most comprehensive and productive ways possible!


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